Making a real difference now to Kansas – that’s what KsFiberNet is all about.

At the heart of KsFiberNet is leadership. Every day, our singular mission is to ensure that KsFiberNet’s valued customers can connect with the Web and the rest of the world — seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Meet Our Team

Bob Wallentine

VP of Network Development

(316) 712-6012
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Tiernan Good, Vp of Sales & Marketing

Cara Walker

VP of Sales & Marketing

(785) 404-6994
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Bruce Garrison

President & CEO

(225) 993-3806
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Michael Morrissey, VP of Engineering & Operations

Michael Morrissey

VP of Engineering & Operations

(913) 213-2931
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Terry Talken, Director of Finance

Terry Talken

VP of Finance

(316) 712-6005
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Recent News

Member Companies

Building Kansas’ Infrastructure

KsFiberNet is a mission-driven company made up of 28 independent telephone companies that aim to meet the communication needs of Kansans. By creating a communication network that crisscrosses the state, we connect these companies to the larger telephone companies and the world.


Partner Companies

Our partner companies are instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission of connecting Kansas communities to the world.

Careers with KsFiberNet